Continuous whirl mixers for cold-resin-bonded moulding sands

Reclamation plants

Moulding plants

Welcome to AAGM Aalener Gießereimaschinen GmbH

We are experts for the development, construction, manufacturing and installation of whirl mixers, moulding and reclamation plants for cold-resin-bonded moulding sands.

We plan and manufacture machines according to the requirements of individual customers.

We distinguish ourselves by the creation of very flexible and holistic conceptions for the realisation of plants according to special operating requirements of  customers.

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Startup Wöhr continuous whirl mixers 20-50t/h / 8-25t/h - January 2021

Technical data of this moulding sand mixer
Stationary continuous whirl mixer
Designed with double joint, Känguru, hight adjustable

whirl mixer SiO of 3,0m
whirl mixer Cr of 2,0m
transport belt 5,5m


whirl mixer SiO 20-50 t/h
whirl mixer Cr 8-25 t/h


3 sand sorts, alphaset (3 components)


fully automatic flow control for binders
dosing pressure monitoring for binders
temperature-dependent curing agent dosing

radio remote control

Inbetriebnahme Flutstation mit vollautomatischer Schlichteaufbereitung - January 2021

Komponenten der Flutstation mit vollautomatischer Schlichteaufbereitung

Aufbereitungsstation mit vollautomatischer Viskositätseinstellung, indirekt beheizt

Automatischer Zulauf der Schlichte und
des Verdünners

Flutbecken / Tauchbecken

Schlichtepumpe mit Vorfilter und

Komplette Elektrische Steuerung
und Visualisierung

Moulding plant for cold-resin-bonded moulding sands - November 2020

Technical data of moulding plant
Mold plate carrier

2.400 x 1.800mm


6.000kg / segment

Pin lift-off station

Vibration table

Transfer car

Roller conveyer

Mold plate carrier

Electric control

Project planning / system visualization